Licenses and Copyrights

The JAARU publishes articles under the Creative Commons Attribution License ( and uses CC BY 4.0 license.

The published manuscripts in JAARU, including their graphics and data are free of charge under the condition giving proper credit of the considered article(s). In addition, the articles are available to researchers worldwide; and thus, they can be accessed and exchanged to interesting researchers.

The JAARU considers that the open access articles boost the exchange of research results amongst scientists. However, for articles which may contain materials (such as text, tables, and figures) from other publications, i.e. the JAARU does not hold the copyright or the privilege to re-license those materials, the copyright holder of those materials should be given the proper credit of such materials.

Therefore, the authors are required to conduct their research in accordance with the professional academic practices and rules.

Finally, JARRU reserves the rights to remove any material (photos, images, figures, tables, etc.) from any paper, no matter before or after publication, if we have reason to believe that the content was included in your paper without permission from the owner of the content.