Association of Arab Universities Journal of Engineering Sciences (JAARU) is a refereed scientific journal issued by College of Engineering - University of Baghdad by decision of the council of association of Arab Universities. It is accredited in the scientific promotion in Iraq and several countries in the Arab world, including Jordan, Syria, Yemen, Bahrain, and Egypt.

In 2014, the editorial board decided to publish manuscripts in English alongside to Arabic. The Journal was semi-annual until 2017. In 2017, due to the large interest and the increase in the submission to the journal, three issues were published instead of two and is scheduled to publish the journal quarterly (four issues per year) in 2018. The journal accept scientific research in the engineering fields and it may accept a translation of scientific research, and international seminars and conferences.

Aim and Scope

The JAARU is welcome to publish scientific research in the engineering fields. The JAARU uses triple-blind review, where the identities of the reviewers and authors are concealed from each other throughout the review process. The area covered by the journal are (but not limited to) as follows:

  1. Electrical, Electronic Engineering and Computer Engineering.
  2. Architecture Engineering
  3. Civil Engineering
  4. Chemical Engineering and Petroleum Engineering
  5. Water Resources Engineering and Surveying Engineering
  6. Environmental Engineering
  7. Mechanical Engineering
  8. Nanotechnology, Renewable Energy, Bioengineering, and Engineering Applications.

Start of publication:


Publication frequency

Quarterly (Four issues per year).


Turnitin is used to check the similarity for all submitted manuscripts.

Peer Review

Double-blind peer review process is applied for all submitted manuscripts.