Editorial Board

Editor in Chief

Prof. Dr. Ghassan H. Abdul Majeed
Dean of  College of Engineering, University of Baghdad - Iraq


Managing Editor

Assistant Professor Ma'ad Issa AL TAMEEMI
College of Engineering, University of Baghdad - Iraq



Prof. Dr. Ghassan H. Abdul Majeed / Dean of College of Engineering
Prof. Dr. Saba Jabar Nima / Architecture Engineering Department
Prof. Dr. Tarik Zeyad Ismaeel / Electrical Engineering Department
Prof. Dr. Karima E. Amori / Mechanical Engineering Department
Ass. Prof. Dr. Alaa H. Al-Zuhairi / Civil Engineering Department and Surveying Department
Prof. Dr. Mohammed Salih Al-Jawad / Petroleum Engineering Department
Prof. Dr. Riyadh Zuhair Jwaeed / Water Resources Department
Prof. Dr. Shahlaa Esmail Ebrahim / Environmental Engineering Department

Advisory Board

Prof. Dr. Abbas Hameed Sulaymon
Chemical and Environmental Engineering - College of Engineering - Baghdad University - Iraq

Prof. Dr. Abdullah Abbas Kendoosh
Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering - Augusta Technological College - Augusta - Georgia - USA

Prof. Dr. Adel Shareef
Chemical Engineering - Surrey University - UK

Prof. Dr. Riadh Al-Mhedi
Construction Engineering - Swinburne University - Australia

Prof. Dr. Samer Makki Hayder
Architecture Engineering - College of Engineering - University of Lebanon - Lebanon

Prof. Dr. Dalyla Al-kirdani
Architecture Engineering - College of Engineering/University of Cairo - Egypt

Dr. Ahmed Majeed Abdulaaimah
Mechanical Engineering - Germany

Dr. Syed Abdul Rahman AL-Haddad
Universiti Putra Malaysia - Malaysia

Dr. Caecilia Pieri
Ifpo Institut français du Proche-Orient