Manufacturing Cell Formation Using Genetic Algorithm Technique

  • Hussein Salem Ketan Engineering College-Baghdad University
  • Leena Mahdi Jaber Engineering College-Baghdad University
Keywords: GT, Cell formation, Genetic algorithm, MATLAB, Fitness function


In this research a genetic algorithm technique is used to form manufacturing cells. The cell formation involves forming a group of dissimilar machines and group of similar parts allocated to the same cell. The aim of this research is attempt to rearrangement of machines so that the inter-cellular movement can be minimized and increase group efficiency. Based on specific constraints and genetic algorithm a particular program was built by using MATLAB software (V8.3), to get the best solution to identify layout of manufacturing cells. The initial step of algorithm starting from generate the initial population randomly, then evaluated the fitness function and through crossover and mutations process is getting the next generation and iteration. This procedure to get the best solution. The research approach was applied in General Company for Hydraulic Industry "Dampers factory". It resulted in getting the desired results ( reduced inter-cellular movement by formed 3 machine cells and 3 part families compared with incidence matrix)  with increase in the efficiency of manufacturing cells from 64.77%  at the begging and then increase reach 72.04% , note  the   improvement in efficiency of manufacturing .

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