Evaluation of Overhead Costs in Iraqi Construction Industry

  • Sawsan M. Rashed College of Engineering- Baghdad University, Baghdad / Iraq.
  • Salman A. M. Al-Dhaheri Collage of engineering, University of Baghdad, Baghdad/Iraq.
Keywords: Overhead Costs, Iraq, Construction Industry


After 2003, construction industry became one of the more importance sectors in Iraq, the competitive increased between the construction companies which more it established after that time, Some companies have been able to grow and gain good experience, others have failed in implement the projects which awarded to them, which reflected negatively on the implementation those projects, this caused many suspensions and disputes. The main goal that must Seek to it all parties is implement the projects in the required specifications, quality, cost and period. The wise administration, which has become a necessity for the Iraqi construction industry and the fair and just items that must be included in the contract, contribute mainly to achieving this goal and also contribute to reducing disputes between the parties. This research aims mainly to assess the costs of overheads in the Iraqi construction industry and explore the factor that affect these costs and their items to increase the awareness of contractors about importance of accurate estimation for these costs in their projects to avoid the financial damages that may be incurred as a result of inaccurate estimation which reflect negatively on implementation the project.

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