The Reservoir Applications of Formation Test Tool (Thayyem Rutbah Field - Syria)

  • Mayada Razouk Department of Petroleum Engineering, Oil and Gas Reservoirs, College of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering, Al-Baath University, Syria
Keywords: Tool, Samples, Probe, Piston, Packer, Mud Pressure, Reservoir Pressure, hydrodynamic communication, ttr


The Formation test tool is a very wide and useful application in reservoir studies. By analyzing the data in the exploratory wells, we can obtain some initial conditions for the reservoir such as heat and pressure of the reservoir as well as the determination of the initial depths of the fluid contacts. New wells in the field We can assess the movement of the fluid contacts over time and evaluate the vertical and horizontal hydrodynamic connection between the field wells. The data of this Formation test tool helps in assessing the quality of the profiles in terms of reservoir, particularly in terms of permeability. In order to clarify these applications and the mechanism of analysis of the Formation test tool test data, Thayyem Rutbah Field of the Al-Furat Oil Company in Syria was selected because of the availability of the data of this Formation test tool in a number of wells in the field. Thus, using the applications of this Formation test tool in the wells of this reservoir over time during the production period, Of the reservoir of the density of the fluid and the pressure and temperature of the reservoir and the initial depth of the oil-water contact level, in addition to the change in height over time, and the payment system that controls the reservoir as a water propulsion system, and identify the reservoir properties of the reservoir, And a good hydrodynamic connection between all field wells, making the Rutbah formation a good investment tank.

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Razouk, M. (2019). The Reservoir Applications of Formation Test Tool (Thayyem Rutbah Field - Syria). Association of Arab Universities Journal of Engineering Sciences, 26(2), 66-72.