Structural Systems in local trading centers in Iraq

  • Osamah Abdulmunem Al-Temeemi Department of Architecture, University of Baghdad, Baghdad, Iraq
  • Anees Mohsin Mohammed Department of Architecture, University of Baghdad, Baghdad, Iraq
Keywords: Architecture of trading centers, systems integration, structural systems, technical and materialistic aspects


Structural System in trading center is considered a most important of the major components of the building, which significantly influenced in the formulation of mode and language of architecture throughout its development. It is considered the most changing of the building through the proceeding of time because of the rapid changes of the technology. And because of the importance of the trading centers and what they have of qualities that have significant effects on the beauty and attractiveness in general and on its streets in particular. Structural system hasn’t changed much throughout the ages regardless of the difference in design and its function. Therefore, the research problem arose in the form of lack of clarity in previous literature when putting out the structural system in the trading centers. Despite the numerous theses and studies that discussed the trading centers but they were recognized by the obscurity and lack of comprehensiveness when talking about structure aspects. Therefore, the research here emphasized on exploring the nature of the system of services from its technical, material and economic aspects and even the expressional aspects. Considering the influence of services system on the architecture of the trading centers of what it has of features and qualities in the way contributed in the continuity of its motifs through the time. The research has adopted the method of the analytical study for the structural system in trading centers in a comprehensive way aiming to deepen the understanding of the designer for the requirements of the components to achieve a perfect integration.

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Al-Temeemi, O., & Mohammed, A. (2019). Structural Systems in local trading centers in Iraq. Association of Arab Universities Journal of Engineering Sciences, 26(2), 80-92.