Using Attapulgite as a Lightweight Aggregate to Produce Structural and Insulating Concrete

  • Hind Hussein Hammad University of Baghdad, Baghdad, Iraq
  • Zeyad Momtaz Mohamed Building research center, Baghdad, Iraq
  • Tmara Rasheed Building research center, Baghdad, Iraq
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The wide spread of lightweight concrete due to its properties like low density, good thermal insulation, and the economic feasibility of low cost for buildings constructed with this type of concrete. The studies in this field of construction materials have varied, in this research, one types of the lightweight concrete was produced. It is a lightweight aggregate concrete. Crushed attapulgite rocks was used as aggregate which fired at temperature of 700°C and used as partially or completely replacement with ordinary aggregates to production low-density concrete blocks both structural and insulating, The properties of the concrete produced which tested for (density, compressive strength, thermal conductivity, linear  shrinkage, splitting  strength) is conformed to the requirements of international specifications, the mix (GP) which contain 50% fine attapulgite aggregate and 50% ordinary fine aggregate with 100% coarse attapulgite aggregate conforms to the properties of structural lightweight concrete  according to ASTM C330 and its gave a density about 1668Kg/m3 and compression strength of 17.5 N/mm2, while the two mixtures (H, HP) consisting of fine and coarse attapulgite aggregate with 100% of the total aggregate in mixture, with weight of 10% from cement as a pozzolana material in the mix HP is identical to the properties of the insulating lightweight aggregate concrete according to ASTM C332 with density about (1380,1432)Kg/m3 and thermal insulation   (0.37,0.41)w/mk°, respectively.

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Hammad, H., Mohamed, Z., & Rasheed, T. (2019). Using Attapulgite as a Lightweight Aggregate to Produce Structural and Insulating Concrete. Association of Arab Universities Journal of Engineering Sciences, 26(2), 131-139.