Parametric Design process in Architecture

  • Saifallah Adel Wafiqe Department of Architecture, University of Baghdad, Bahgdad, Iraq
  • Ghada Musa Rzouki Alslik Department of Architecture, University of Baghdad, Bahgdad, Iraq
Keywords: Parameter, parametric design, grasshopper, Rhino


Parametric Design got a good deal of interest and debate since the 90s of the 20th century ,yet this debate increased  in size and influence when important buildings in the world by known architects were designed parametrically .These buildings have terms with compositional complexity and smoothness .They characterized the architecture uniqueness and practice  since 2000, which caused the academic and theoretical institutions and individuals in architecture to carry on research focusing on parametric design and exploring its activities .Previous studies concentrated on the exploring activity and process of parametric design, accordingly the research problem is identified as follows: The lack of knowledge of parametric design in architecture from the theoretical and detailed sides related to the role of the (architect) , act and process of design , and result of the architectural design .The objectives of the research are : Clarifying the specific knowledge on parametric design in general and in architecture in particular .Clarifying the (thought) aspects of parametric design considering it as a tool or a  way of design on an architectural approach .Clarifying the role of (parametric design) and exploring the comparative sides between it and the normal  ( traditional ) way of design.

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Wafiqe, S., & Alslik, G. (2019). Parametric Design process in Architecture. Association of Arab Universities Journal of Engineering Sciences, 26(2), 145-154.