The architectural phenomenon and creative production

The architecture of the 19th century Globally - the house as a model

  • Amna Bassim Salih Salih Department of Architecture Engineering, Unversity of Baghdad, Baghdad, Iraq
Keywords: Architectural Phenomenon, Creativity, Creative Product, The house


Our architectural products are reflected ourselves and reformed our surrounding environment. There are some of the architectural products Characterized as a Unique and Out of the ordinary which makes it describe  as a (creative architectural product), and in the other side some of Critics and researchers describe it as an (architectural phenomenon), So the unique architectural production between architectural phenomenon or as a creative production, the research problem appears which is (Does each product apply on it the characteristics of the architectural phenomenon is a creative product? Or is every creative product an architectural phenomenon? and what are the rapprochement between them?.The aim of the research tries to Explain and investigate the extent of match the creative features of creative architectural production when it is an architectural phenomenon.The research method tries to explain the meaning of phenomenon and explain the architectural studies which demonstrate the architectural phenomenon through different architectural productions to determine the features of the architectural production as a phenomenon, And in the other side of the research, we determined the features of the architectural creative production.After complete the theoretical indicators , The  Practical side starts which depend on The comparative analytical descriptive method to select projects as a single dwelling from the 19th century In Europe and North America, as it was an era of cultural orientations and conflicts due to the industrial, social and cultural changes witnessed by the century to end by the emergence of modern architectural movement.The mechanism for electing the single houses are determined by the design features of the architectural phenomenon, which is determined by the research, as well as it is selected according to the designing by the architect or not. The information about the selected samples are collected of different sources, We try to analysis the creative features in those elected projects   according to the physical  and intellectual levels of the architectural production, to be realized the hypothesis of the research that every creative product is possible to be an architectural phenomenon but it's not every architectural phenomenon is The creative product.

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