Towards Query Processing Over Homomorphic Encrypted Data in Cloud

  • Lina Samir Malouf AlBaath University, Homs, Syria
Keywords: Cloud database, Query processing, Encryption, Homomorphic encryption


With data growth very fast, the need for data storage and management in the cloud in a secure way is rapidly increasing, leading developers to find secure data management solutions through new technologies. One of the most advanced technologies at present is cloud computing technology that functions as an online service. Cloud computing technology relies on an external provider to provide online demand services. On the other hand, this technology is pay-for-use technology which means that the user must pay for each service provided by the provider. When we have a look back at the literature, we can find that regular database management systems with query processing specifications do not meet the requirements in cloud computing. This paper focuses on homogeneous coding, which is used primarily for knowledge security within the cloud. Homomorphic encryption has been clarified because of encryption technology in which specific operations can be managed on encrypted data information.

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Malouf, L. (2019). Towards Query Processing Over Homomorphic Encrypted Data in Cloud. Association of Arab Universities Journal of Engineering Sciences, 26(4), 65-72.