Truth and frankness between architectural thought and construction

Case study: Post-modern buildings in Baghdad

  • Osamah AbdulMunem Al-Tameemi Department of Architectural Engineering, University of Baghdad, Baghdad, Iraq
Keywords: structural truth, Structural Expressionism, Iraqi architecture, aesthetic meanings, Postmodernism


Truth is the conformity saying of reality; it’s the most honorable physiological virtues and moral attribute, because of its venerable characteristics and its important effects on individual life and society. It’s also the reason for success of all aspects and humanitarian events, especially those related to architecture and construction. In many literatures, the importance of the aesthetic meanings has emerged, which can be added by structure to general composition, through the truth and frankness resulting from the use of structure in its expressive form, in order to achieve the visual tracking of the correct paths of forces transition in structural form compounds, thus link the character of expressionist truth with the structural truth. Therefore, the research problem focuses in the cognitive deficiencies of studying the aspects of truth and frankness according to their intellectual and applied ideas from the cognitive characteristics and basic elements, as well as the implications thereof on the structural and architectural aspects in general, this emerge weakness in understanding the clear perception of the reciprocal relationship of truth as an intellectual concept and as an applied approach that can affect the reality of architectural construction practice.  The research seeks to clarify the interactive relationship between the concept of truth in all its intellectual dimensions and structural applications and what can affect that relationship on the apparent architectural production, especially in the pioneer Iraqi architectural experience during the seventies and eighties of the last century. Where truth embodies an organized model of the provisions through which the features of the relationship between thought on the one hand and practical reality on the other is clarified, which can be called the apparent structural truth.

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