Measuring Quality of the Healthcare Services and Its Impact on the Patients Satisfaction

  • Dhuha Kadhim Ismayyir Production Engineering and Metallurgy Dept., IE. Division, University of Technology, Baghdad, Iraq,
Keywords: Service quality, SERVPERF, Patient satisfaction, Healthcare


Quality of health services as an essential topic for marketing the healthcare services. Therefore, this study aims to measure of the quality of perceived healthcare services and identify the satisfaction rate about the services offered at one of Baghdad city hospitals. This research is based on a questionnaire; two samples were taken. These samples involved patients and the hospital staff to perform the current study. "SERVPERF” model has been used to measure the service quality that consists of five dimensions including (Tangible, Reliability, Responsiveness, Assurance, and Empathy). In this study, "SERVPERF” model was developed to measure of the availability as a sixth dimension to cover all services quality factors in the healthcare centers. It was found that there aren’t statistically significant differences between the levels of quality healthcare services provided in the hospital respect to the two samples that have been studied. Also, the quality of the healthcare services provided at this hospital was below the required level and with moderate satisfaction rate. Where, the Responsiveness was the highest satisfaction rate, while the Availability was the lowest satisfaction rate, which negatively affected on the level of quality of the healthcare services provided in that hospital.

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Ismayyir, D. (2020). Measuring Quality of the Healthcare Services and Its Impact on the Patients Satisfaction. Association of Arab Universities Journal of Engineering Sciences, 27(1), 65-73.