The Sensory Characteristics in Architectural Form

  • Abdullah Saadoon Al-Maamourihory Department of Architecture engineering ,University of Technology, Baghdad, Iraq
  • Zahraa Ahmed Aljbury Department of Architecture engineering ,University of Technology, Baghdad, Iraq
Keywords: Sensation, sensory characteristics, form, formalism characteristics


The architectural form affects the human through the sensations that are generated at the receiver as soon as he watches architectural buildings , Before he was  understanding and thinking what those shapes mean and what symbolic or ideas they may carry. Sensation is an immediate emotional response to these visual stimuli. These visual stimuli that existing in the architectural form - an intentionly or unintentionally by the designer - act as gestures and references provoke sensory stimuli and generate feelings that may negatively or positively affect the human psyche and the behavior of societies.  So the sensory characteristics of the architectural form is Knowed (the nature of the connotations carried by the architectural form and generated a sense at the recipient). This research sought to combine these sensory characteristics of architectural studies in three groups, which have physical components (body, size, color and material), and the process of arranging them, and the processes of transformation on them. The research concludes with a variety of characteristics that can benefit the architect when designing his buildings

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Al-Maamourihory, A., & Aljbury, Z. (2020). The Sensory Characteristics in Architectural Form. Association of Arab Universities Journal of Engineering Sciences, 27(3), 81-88.