Analogy between costume and architecture as fashion

  • Enas Salim Abdulahhad Department of Architectural Engineering , University of Technology , Baghdad , Iraq
  • Zainab Huseen Ra’ouf Department of Architectural Engineering , University of Technology , Baghdad , Iraq
Keywords: fashion, costume , architecture, feature, space


Architecture withen its environment is a field of knowledge that exchanges influence for various disciplines, The concept of fashion emerged in various fields espatialy those that had both sids physical and meaning such as architecture and  costume. That drew the research attention to it and explained its vision regarding the relationship between architecture and fashion, the problem of research is determined by the "unclear relationship between architecture and fashion The aim of the research is to investigate the possibilities of similarities and differences between them to clarify the type of anology. In order to achieve the research objective, the research adopted a descriptive analytical approach for each of the two disciplines. The research was able to determine the extent of fashion for the two disciplines and identify the two ends with (type - innovation) and between them many values represented by different currents and trends in both fashion and architecture. Vocabulary has been applied in a practical study of a sample to reach the main findings and conclusions that showed that the similar was not a perfect match for the existence of the participants between them, most notably achieving fashion for the expressive body and formal differentiation within the societal context in the product of fashion and architecture, so that the The establishment of bodies reflecting the "fashion style" as a kind of fixed traditions versus the fashion reflects the "fashion trend of the epilepsy" as a kind of rapid changes and values of renewal in society, against the emergence of a fundamental difference between fashion and architecture was represented by the possibility of achieving the fashion architecture of the essence of architecture is the creation of architectural space Unless fashion was able to achieve in clothing and was closer to reflecting the identity of societies and ideas, while the architectural robe represented a space or space extending from the structure to the outer cladding, achieving different cases of architectural space (closed - open) to announce the extent of communication between the inside and outside reflecting the intellectual aspects prevailing in society through time and place

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