Urban indicators of demographic variables in environments Residential

  • Mays Falah Radhi Al-nahrain university
  • arshad Arshad AL-Anzi
Keywords: Urban indicators, demographic variables, housing types, and sustainability


The research aims to reach the most prominent urban standards related to demographic variables (population growth and migration). As they are the most influential variables on housing, especially in Iraq, where these standards in turn help researchers or those interested in measuring the efficiency of housing types or comparing them with each other or measuring the efficiency of any Residential project (societally). To reach these results, and by put a general concept of the housing situation manifestations associated with demographic variables, it was concluded that these variables have two effects, one of which is positive, represented by increasing economic wealth and experience. As population growth is accompanied by more production and innovation, and the other is negative, which appears among various factors (poverty, security Crime, social interaction, shifts in land use, pollution, and entertainment). Then the research is completed by clarifying the relationship of these factors with housing and reviewing the most prominent proposals and the opinions of researchers associated with them, so that we reach at the end of each of them a table (a summary of these criteria).

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Radhi, M., & Arshad AL-Anzi, arshad. (2022). Urban indicators of demographic variables in environments Residential. Association of Arab Universities Journal of Engineering Sciences, 28(4), 57-73. https://doi.org/10.33261/jaaru.2021.28.4.006