Improved Model-Free Sliding Mode Control Algorithm for Control Non-Linear Systems

  • Hasnaa Wasouf
  • Jomana Diab
Keywords: Sliding Mode Control, Model-Free, Improved Model-Free, Lyapunov


When testing the performance of the model-free sliding mode control algorithm, it was found that it could not maintain good performance when the system was exposed to noise. this research suggests designing a noise-resistant model-free sliding mode control algorithm. The importance of this algorithm is that it takes into account the effect of the noise, where the noise value is implemented in the model-free algorithm. The sliding surface of the controller is designed based on the improved relationship and to ensure the stability of the system in the closed-loop the control signal was derived based on the direct Lyapunov method. To minimize the effects of chattering in the control signal, the control law was reconfigured using a boundary layer. The improved algorithm was implemented to a second-order non-linear system and the simulation results showed the system's ability to track the desired signal in spite of the presence of the noise as well as its ability to maintain the stability of the controlled system

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Wasouf, H., & Diab, J. (2020). Improved Model-Free Sliding Mode Control Algorithm for Control Non-Linear Systems. Association of Arab Universities Journal of Engineering Sciences, 27(4), 79-89.