Double Vision in Architecture

  • Ahmed Hashim Al-Eqapy
  • Basim Hashim Al-Majidi
  • Noor Ameer Al-Shukri
Keywords: Vision, Double vision, Architectural images, Reading, The designer thought


The architecture and its outputs are one of  the most relevant fields of knowledge with human beings and their daily life, and the fact that the architectural product represents the architectural vision that which is trying to deliver to the society through the architectural images of various projects, which should be perceived by the eye and trying to interpret them, so the research aims to study the vision generated by the recipient, whether the vision of the designer himself when he sees his work as an architect, another designer acting as a critic, or those who are outside of architecture field, and how that vision that the designer wants to deliver can be transformed from single vision to a double vision about the architectural product. The problem of research was the lack of clear knowledge about the role of different intellectual visions of architectural schools in the compatibility and differing visions between the designer and the other designer or the designer and the recipient to produce a double vision in architecture. The research deals with the concept of vision in general in order to extraction a set of concepts that link the vision with the architecture, whether single or double, which can be reflected by the following elements: (the concept intended by the designer – the form and its treatments - the architectural reading). In other words, it starts with the designer vision or concept and depends on what he wants to deliver, and this leads the research to study the sources of ideas and architectural images which reflect the vision of the designer, which depends mainly on architectural schools and their role in the formulation of the designer thought, and then this will be applied to elected architectural projects belonging to different schools to reach  that there is a strong duplication of vision between the other designer and the product versus a partial duplication of vision between the designer and the  product  and between the recipient and the  product

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Al-Eqapy, A., Al-Majidi, B., & Al-Shukri, N. (2020). Double Vision in Architecture. Association of Arab Universities Journal of Engineering Sciences, 27(4), 90-104.