Ethical Dimensions of Quotation in an Architectural Act

  • Abdullah Saadoun Al Maamouri
  • Nabaa T.M. AL-Khafaji
Keywords: Quotation, Ethical dimensions, Architectural act


The ethical dimensions of quotation in an architectural act emerged as a standard judgment in the differentiation between architectural products, the importance of quotation emerges as a basic act in creating the architecture entity, which represents a field that has common boundaries with the edges of other sciences, Architects depend on quoting from various cognitive fields to enrich their work (such as the field of language, various applied and humanity sciences), So achieving this act must be subjected to the ethical dimensions that govern its creating process to fulfill ethical function in architecture. The research problem emerged as " ambiguity of knowledge about the ethical dimensions of the quotation in the architectural act ", The aim of the research to set a general framework for the ethical dimensions of the quotation and activate them by the designer in the architectural act. The research adopted a descriptive approach based on the analysis of previous studies related to the act of ethical quotation and extracted three basic levels represented by the vocabulary of quotation: the types of quoted elements, the mechanisms of quotation and the moral dimensions of quotation as an ethical act. These indicators were applied to selected samples represented by (global and local) projects, discussing the results down to the final conclusions and recommendations to the ethical quotation act that enrich the design process from ideas to final results.

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Al Maamouri, A., & AL-Khafaji, N. (2021). Ethical Dimensions of Quotation in an Architectural Act. Association of Arab Universities Journal of Engineering Sciences, 27(4), 105-113.