Urban improvement strategies for informal settlements.

  • ahmed jawad kadhem Baghdad
  • Zaynab Radi Abaas
Keywords: Informal settlements, Sustainability, Upgrading


The increasing of urbanization processes around the world have led to the continuous change of unplanned lands and their transformation into informal settlements with the increasing population growth in them, so the trends began towards finding solutions to them and addressing the problems generated and how to prevent the formation of more of them and know the methods of dealing with them to build a sustainable model base for the development of these areas. Hence, the research problem emerged from the lack of local proposals that dealt with mechanisms for developing and improving policies and strategies for dealing with informal settlements. So the research set out to develop a new approach that would reduce the continued expansion and increase the number of these settlements, treat the existing ones and reduce the pressures and negative impacts on their neighborhoods by uncovering the potential of these informal settlements and highlighting the possibility of treating them, improving their condition and transforming them into sustainable urban societies. The research uses the inductive approach, by comparing the pillars of sustainability and their applicability and trying to enhance them using the methods of developing informal settlements used.  the research reached the necessity for local governments to adopt sustainable development policies and frameworks to transform informal societies into sustainable urban societies by adopting improvement and development strategies and adopting the methods of upgrading, empowerment and participation in order to achieve development. Sustainable, efficient and integrated way.

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kadhem, ahmed, & Abaas, Z. (2022). Urban improvement strategies for informal settlements. Association of Arab Universities Journal of Engineering Sciences, 29(1), 31-42. https://doi.org/10.33261/jaaru.2022.29.1.004