The Cultural Constituents of the urban environment; the impact on the patterns and nature behavior (University space as a model)

  • Ameera Jaleel Ahmed
  • Saba Jabbar Neima
Keywords: “ Cultural Constituents”, “aesthetic quality of urban environment ”,” Functional quality of urban environment”,” behavioral patterns”,


Human's relationship with the environment is strong and mutually beneficial, with the
development of this relationship, a person develops and increases his awareness. The urban environment is
a natural, physical, social and cultural milieu that a human lives in it, and get from him the life Constituents.
As well as it is a product of human interaction with it, so the urban environment represents what has an
impact on human behavior. It effects on human physiology and psychology then represented the relationship
conceptually, socially, and physically. the Cultural Constituents of the urban environment plays a critical
and essential role in user behavior, because they are part of the project they must be included in making the
design decision as well as in treatment of urban spaces. on the other side, the comprehensive behavioral
studies are still few in this field, especially those studies that are based on ecological behavioral trend and
through observing of behavior in the urban environment .The current study seeks to draw out a theoretical
model for developing ecological behavior measures, to evaluate the role of Cultural Constituents in
determining patterns and nature of human behavior through the experimental approach. Through the
previous literature has been identified the main research problem is represented ) There is a lack of
knowledge in the distribution of behavioral patterns in urban environments that have a high aesthetic
quality, also there are few objective measures that can be used as an indicator to evaluate the aesthetic
quality of the urban environment before its development and presenting urban designs in urban space and
special organization (.According to the research problem, the goals and hypothesis of the research were
determined, and an inductive experimental approach was defined theoretical and practical axes, also the
research samples were identified (ten urban spaces in University of Babylon) were observing during (2018-
2019),furthermore survey questionnaire sent to the experts In architecture, urban design and psychology
field .Finally, the results were analyzed and the research found that aesthetic quality plays an important and
major role in determining patterns and nature of behavior.

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Ahmed, A., & Neima, S. (2021). The Cultural Constituents of the urban environment; the impact on the patterns and nature behavior (University space as a model). Association of Arab Universities Journal of Engineering Sciences, 28(1), 28-45.