Indicators of security and safety in diplomatic buildings, embassies as a model

  • Salih Khalaf Mohammed
  • Bahjat Rashad Shahin
Keywords: diplomacy, embassy, host country, guest country, security aspect.


Diplomatic buildings are considered a model representing the civilization of a country within
the host country ,They represent bridges between countries,The aggression against it by elements belonging
to the host country reflects negatively on the relations between the two countries, which is represented by
the severance of relations and may reach the outbreak of war between them ,Accordingly, the primary task
in planning these buildings is related to achieving their requirements represented by the security component,
in addition to the symbolic, environmental and ideological component .Therefore, the security aspect is an
essential element in the planning and design of these buildings .As a result of the rise in terrorist attacks
against these buildings in a number of countries, in addition to the lack of local studies on the security
indicators of these buildings, The need appeared to adopt more studies on planning and design indicators
and the security safety of diplomatic buildings ,This, in turn, requires an extensive study of indicators that
most meet the security and diplomatic safety requirements By studying the security of these buildings and
identifying the most important elements required to secure them ,As the goal of the research lies in extracting
indicators of security decisions for diplomatic buildings, and diagnosing indicators for assessing their
security level .Where attacks against embassy buildings are confronted by risk management and evaluation
that determine the mechanisms to respond to these risks ,And how to take preventive measures to prevent
danger ,by designing the defensive ranges of the diplomatic building from the perimeter of the building to
its internal parts ,Whereas, the physical security measures of the building are among those preventive
measures aimed at preventing threats and dangers through defensive ranges and consisting of security
measures and insurance elements .Therefore, this research will give great attention to security design criteria
and to identify mechanisms in the field of measuring the safety and security of diplomatic buildings against
terrorist threats, in order to determine the best design alternatives.

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