The Effect of a Similar Strategy in The Rebuilding of Valuable Buildings

  • Basim Hasan Al-Majidi
  • Ahmed Hashmi El-Eqapy
  • Saja Khalid ALqasi
Keywords: Reconstruction, Comparative, Measurement, Historical Buildings


Reconstruction of archaeological buildings with destroyed or collapsed parts is considered one
of the most important and accurate operations in the field of preserving those buildings, given the continuity
of these operations in the continuity of those archaeological buildings with their architectural and technical
details, and even their continued performance in their urban environment in many cases. These operations
are concerned with missing parts or the replacement of damaged parts. Many studies emerged that dealt
with this important aspect of reconfiguring and completing the demolished parts in historical and heritage
buildings, whether at the level of the part or all according to specific laws, but no study of the formal and
intellectual mechanisms used to rebuild and reconstruct these buildings and their potential for architectural
productions. Therefore, the research problem that emerged from the lack of clarity of knowledge about the
most important formal and intellectual mechanisms for rebuilding in architecture and its cognitive indicators
within the outcome emerged, and the research was divided into two parts, the first part represented by the
general theoretical presentation that included the reconstruction processes and related determinants and
clarification of the mechanism of formalism (similar and its connections) Theory and intellectual mechanism
(analogy and its theoretical correlations), previous studies and the second part which represented the applied
side to form the theoretical framework from the above and applied it to groups of architectural productions
and then presented and discussed and analyzed the results of that application up to the presentation of
Crowns and recommendations that were referring to the general vision of the basic concept of research
adopted, the mechanistic aspect of form rather than intellectual.

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Al-Majidi, B., El-Eqapy, A., & ALqasi, S. (2021). The Effect of a Similar Strategy in The Rebuilding of Valuable Buildings. Association of Arab Universities Journal of Engineering Sciences, 28(1), 69-82.