Removing of Atrazine from Water using Advanced Oxidation Processes

  • Asst. Prof. Dr. Yasmen A. Mustafa College of Engineering – University of Baghdad
  • Sinan Jaafar Mohammed Chief Engineer Assistant-Republic Presidency Office
Keywords: Atrazine, AOP, Ozone, Hydrogen peroxide, UV


The performance of Advanced Oxidation Processes UV, Ozone (O3), UV+O3, O3+ H2O2, UV+H2O2 were investigated in this study using a semi batch lab scale experiments for the mineralization of Atrazine which is used as a model pollutant. 1mg/L of Atrazine was investigated. The effect of pH was studied in the presence of sodium hydroxide (NaOH). UV photolysis (UV only) shows no COD reduction in treating Atrazine. The treatment with O3 gives 43% of COD reduction. For O3 +UV the COD reduction achieved was 45% at pH=12. Treatment with O3+H2O2 gives 95% reduction in COD at H2O2 concentration of 140mg/L and pH=12. The treatment with UV+H2O2 gives 95% in COD reduction at H2O2 concentration 600 mg/L and pH=7.

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A. Mustafa, A. P. D. Y., & Jaafar Mohammed, S. (2017). Removing of Atrazine from Water using Advanced Oxidation Processes. Association of Arab Universities Journal of Engineering Sciences, 24(3), 18-32. Retrieved from