Study On The Vibration Amplitudes Of Reinforced Concrete Bridge Piers Using ABAQUS Software

  • Mais Ghassoun
  • Ali Algharrash
  • Reem Alsehnawi
Keywords: dynamic characteristics, vibration amplitude, RC pier, modeling, damping ratio


The Dynamic characteristics such as damping ratio and natural frequency are an important
indicator for predicting the dynamic behavior of bridges, but it is customary during the design that the
designer assess the dynamic properties of the dynamic analysis because it is very difficult to determine the
damping of the origin before construction and damping is taken as a predetermined constant value
independent of the response amplitude and frequency of the structure. In the dynamic analysis of
constructions design some experimental research has been concerned with the determination of dynamic
structural properties and their relationship with the response amplitude experimentally, but the changes in
dynamic properties with vibration amplitude has never been taken During dynamic analysis, further
analytical treatments and computer modeling were required to study different cases based on the
experimental results available by simulating them with a computer model. Dynamic characteristics are very
essential to accurately determine the dynamic response, and it is necessary to study the effect of changes of
the actual dynamic characteristics of bridges, which were determined by measuring their vibration in the
results of dynamic analysis and comparing them with results that do not take into account the changes of
dynamic properties and with laboratory results in order to assess the role of. Dynamic analysis inputs in
simulating vibrations by monitoring their responses. As a result, it was found that the dynamic properties
are independent of the shape of the external exactions. Also, it was concluded that relationships express the
change of dynamic properties in terms of vibration amplitudes. And Similar reliance of the dynamic
characteristics to the vibration amplitude is confirmed for the pier model, where the increase of the amplitude
of the acceleration is accompanied by a decrease in the natural frequency, and an increase in the damping
ratio is obvious. Before choosing design values when considering the dynamic characteristics of a structure,
we need to give unique concentration to the predictable vibration amplitudes. Dynamic characteristics
changes during dynamic analysis should be considered to produce analytical results that simulate
experimental results and are closer to reality.

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Ghassoun, M., Algharrash, A., & Alsehnawi, R. (2021). Study On The Vibration Amplitudes Of Reinforced Concrete Bridge Piers Using ABAQUS Software. Association of Arab Universities Journal of Engineering Sciences, 28(2), 37-45.