Iterative systems in sold structures and filigree structures / study in structural surface strategy

  • Tahreer Moneer Sahib AL-ansari
  • Asmaa Mohamed AL-Moqaram
Keywords: “the form”, “the architectural structure”, “the iterative systems”, “the structural surface strategy”


The relationship between the structure and the shape in contemporary architecture has different formats
according to design and structural requirements. The integration is important formulas among these relationship, as
they form one unit in architecture, where the integration is characteristic by the important property which is the
iterative system. One of the strategies to find iterative systems in contemporary architecture over traditional is called
structural surface. Previous knowledge has been differed in explaining the functional of systems and it’s
mechanisms, especially in the relationship among the form and structure, so the problem has surfaced “the necessity
to know the difference of the properties and types of iterative systems among solid and perforated structures within
the structural surface strategy, and it’s role between the form and the structure”. to achieve the research’s goal “what
are the repetition and iterative systems in contemporary architectural structure and it’s role to determine the shape of
the relationship among the structure and the form for building of different heights “, which has depended on
descriptive analytical method in three stage after defining the repetition in general, iterative system in particular and
previous knowledge criticism. First stage has focused on building a theoretical framework (characteristics and types
of the iterative systems in contemporary architectural structure and structural surface strategy). Second stage has
focused on knowing the levels of the relationship among the form and the structure, By studying selected samples
within building of different height In addition to determine the important basic assumption of the research ,which is
(iterative systems is differ in architectural structure (solid and perforated) , through characteristics of the iterative
systems with the system and the relationship of the surrounding environment according to it’s height (high ,medium)
and it’s formation method (orthogonal ,free) ) . Third stage has focused on analyzing the results and conclusions as in
the role of the iterative systems (structural surface strategy) in producing the solid structures by adopting the
repetition of the structural elements and generative rules in perforated structures, and use it to achieve a fusion
among the form and the structure to produce structures with efficiency and aesthetic appearance and structures that
reflect movement and dynamism. The level of this relationship are :( first: the compositionl, through the
organizational depth of the architectural structure. Second: the expressive, by finding three types of the relationship
are (the merging, the discrete, and the hybrid).

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