A Hybrid SDN-Multipath transmission for a Reliable Video Surveillance System

  • Mustafa Ismael Salman University of Baghdad
Keywords: SDN, Video Surveillance, Multi-path Transmission.


Video surveillance is critical for different aspects of life. One of the most significant issues in the video ‎surveillance system is how to reduce the packet loss rate (PLR) for the transmission path between source and destination. In this paper, two approaches are proposed to solve this problem. The first approach is to use bandwidth aggregation over multiple paths between the video source and the surveillance system to transmit the packets over multiple links with the aid of a software defined network (SDN) controller and openflow switches. The second approach is to use myEvalSVC environment to further enhance the transmission results. The myEvalSVC is an Integrated Simulation Framework for Evaluation of H.264/SVC Transmission. Based on ‎emulation results, it is concluded that the two approaches that use multipath technique with myEvalSVC environment achieve an improved quality of service (QoS). In the first approach, the PLR for a single path is 5.3% while the PLR with multipath transmission is reduced to 3.1%. The second approach, which uses the myEvalSVC environment with multipath technique, enhances the PLR from 2.9% (single path transmission) to 0.67% (multipath transmission). ‎Finally, the results of two approaches are compared in terms of end to end delay, packet loss rate and jitter.

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Salman, M. (2022). A Hybrid SDN-Multipath transmission for a Reliable Video Surveillance System. Association of Arab Universities Journal of Engineering Sciences, 29(2), 46-54. https://doi.org/10.33261/jaaru.2022.29.2.006