Casing deformation assessment and management in Abu Ghirab oilfield

  • Maitham Mohammed Ighdhayib
  • Nada Sabah Al- Zubaidi
Keywords: Risk assessment and management, Casing deformation, Abu Ghirab oilfield, Landmark software.


Risk assessment and management objective is to maximize the probability of a project’s success
by identifying, analysing, mitigating and controlling the risks.The goals of the drilling management
engineers team is to work with drilling clients to significantly reduce cost, time and non productive time
through integration of planning and real time drilling solutions. During drilling, deformation occurred to
9⅝'' casing in Well AG-1, Well AG-2 and Well AG-3 in Abu Ghirab oilfield. Casing deformation was
discovered while running Bottom Hole Assembly (BHA) and tools in the hole as they got an obstruction
and stuck due to 9⅝ inch casing deformation in Lower Fars formation This study includes an investigation,
analysis and designing new specifications of 9⅝ inch casing using Landmark software. Results of
investigations showed poor in cement evaluation practices. Formation integrity tests (FIT) and Casing
Integrity Tests (CIT) has not been implemented and Cement Bond Log (CBL) or Segmented Bond Tool
(SBT) log has not been running in the hole. The proposed new casing design; increase casing weight, change
casing grade, change casing thread type and increase casing design safety factor of collapse and burst load,
can avoid the impact of salt creeping on 9⅝'' casing. Applying best available technology and drilling risk
management to reduce drilling cost and minimize time by mitigating or preventing drilling problems.

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Ighdhayib, M., & Al- Zubaidi, N. (2021). Casing deformation assessment and management in Abu Ghirab oilfield. Association of Arab Universities Journal of Engineering Sciences, 28(3), 1-12.