Effectiveness of Magnetized Water in Leaching Clay Loam Soils

  • Liqaa Hussein Abdul-Raheem
  • Riyadh Z. Azzubaidi
Keywords: Keywords—Magnetization Effect, Soil Salinity, Salt Affected Soil, Magnetic Intensity


Many studies indicated that some of raw water properties can be improved as it passes through magnetic field. This improvement was proved to have useful applications in many fields. Such improvement can be useful in increasing the efficiency of leaching salty soils. In this paper, an experimental test rig was designed and constructed to investigate the effects of using treated water by magnetized field to leach salt affected clay loam soil. The experiments were designed so that the used water to be treated with five different magnetic intensities and five different exposure times to the magnetic field. Three consecutive leaching processes were applied to leach the soil. Drained water from the soil samples was tested for EC and pH, K+, Na+, Mg+2, Ca+2, Cl-, HCO3-, and SO4-2. The results were compared to that achieved by leaching the soil when using untreated water. The results showed that the leaching efficiency can be increased when using magnetized water and as the magnetic intensity and the time of exposure are increased, more salts were leached out of the soil.  The maximum obtained increase in the EC value of the drained water, which represent a general indicator for all anions and cations that were leached, was 58.0% compared to that when untreated water is used in the leaching process.

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Abdul-Raheem, L., & Azzubaidi, R. (2021). Effectiveness of Magnetized Water in Leaching Clay Loam Soils. Association of Arab Universities Journal of Engineering Sciences, 28(3), 29-36. https://doi.org/10.33261/jaaru.2021.28.3.003