Digital glitch and the tools of generating architectural form

  • yusur raed Mohsen university of technology
  • Basim Hasan Hashim
Keywords: glitch, given glitch, formed glitch, digital architecture


The digital revolution has produced what is known as digital architecture, which has spread
widely in various fields, that philosophy and digital forms can be included within the concept of modern
formation theories that are Compatible With the contemporary theories, Esthatics in digital architecture
refers to computer processes that generates forms by using modern programs and technologies. The new
digital methods of architectural design (digital structures) depend on computational concepts and genetic
algorithms (evolutionary structures), and with the development of technology and human intervention in its
rendering, New architecture theories generated , which is a vision that appeared in postmodern architecture
as a reaction to a set of contextual theories to give priority to the sense , art, feeling and beauty, the new
aesthetics were invested in architecture through the concept of digital glitch, which is an opportunity to
obtain three-dimensional digital aesthetics, which is characterized by an aesthetic character acceptable to
the recipient. The studies have clearly addressed the mechanisms of generating digital forms, but did not
address the role of glitch in generating digital forms within the new esthetic theory, so the research problem
came in the following form: “The Lack of knowledge about the concept of digital formed glitch in
architucture and the tools of its investment by architects in generating architectural form.” The main
vocabulary of concepts related to research and previous studies, and then the practical application was
conducted on selected projects that are characterized by glitch to reach the most important final conclusions
that show the most important tools on which the designers relied in order to reach architectural forms with
a unique aesthetic character characterized by dominance, healing, systematic balance and expressing
aesthetic in an unexpected way, according to the cultural background of the designer

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Mohsen, yusur, & Hashim, B. (2023). Digital glitch and the tools of generating architectural form. Association of Arab Universities Journal of Engineering Sciences, 29(4), 65-82.