Section Design of Reinforced Concrete Columns Confined by CFRP

  • Baylasan mohamad
  • Soleman Alamoudi
Keywords: interaction diagram, reinforced concrete columns, confinement, CFRP.


Analysis of reinforced concrete (RC) columns confined by CFRP is equivalent to the analysis of conventional RC columns with the fundamental difference of using stress-strain model of concrete that confined by CFRP. This paper presents two methods to find P-M interaction diagrams for CFRP –confined RC columns, the first is comprehensive using numerical integrations, and the second is simplified using a previously proposed methodology to create a simplified interaction diagram that focuses on region where compression is the controlling failure mode, and as a result theoretical (P-M) diagrams have been verified by comparison with experimental test results in many previous studies. The effect of different coefficients on the interaction diagram was studied such as the concrete strength, the radius of the rounded corners of the column section, and the number of CFRP layers that illustrated the region in (P-M) diagram that affected by confinement. For practical design applications an example illustrates the above-mentioned design methods of RC column confined by CFRP has been reviewed in Appendix.

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mohamad, B., & Alamoudi, S. (2022). Section Design of Reinforced Concrete Columns Confined by CFRP. Association of Arab Universities Journal of Engineering Sciences, 28(4), 43-56.