A Review To Study The Performance Of A Ring Foundation Resting On Gypseous Soil

  • suhad majed hassan university of Baghdad
  • Bushra Suhale Albusoda
Keywords: gypseous soil, collapse potential, ring footing, bearing capacity, the experimental model


This literature review of research on evaluation performance of ring footing as well as circular footing and squaire footing that rest on gypseous soil treated with materials to improve its properties.  Review the available experimental tests to calculate the bearing capacity and discover the behavior of ring footing rested on soil under load and investigate the relationship between (load, settlement) under the effect of the load as well as improving the properties of gypseous soil is the goal of this study. Ring footing is more cost-effective than other geometrical footing designs, its used in many applications, and it's critical to look into gypseous soil, especially since much of Iraqi areas are covered in it (by more than 12 percent). The gypsum in the soils leached out when the water arrived from (rain, rising water table, sewer, or another source), causing several difficulties and damage to the structures built on gypseous soil, thus the properties of these soils must be examined and addressed

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hassan, suhad, & Albusoda, B. (2023). A Review To Study The Performance Of A Ring Foundation Resting On Gypseous Soil. Association of Arab Universities Journal of Engineering Sciences, 30(1), 22-29. https://doi.org/10.33261/jaaru.2023.30.1.003