Pressure Enhancement for Siba Field using Non-Hydrcarbon Gases

  • Hussein A. Baker
  • Mohammed A. Yousif
Keywords: Gas Condensate Reservoir, CO2-EGR, N2-EGR, Underground injection, Siba Gas Field.


Gas condensate reservoirs are becoming more important due to the increased production of gas in the global gas production system of these reservoirs. Accumulation of condensate in a reservoir may lead to a decrease in the gas's relative permeability and a loss in the reservoir of valuable heavy components. Despite this, condensate gas reservoirs can be the perfect place for the injection of carbon dioxide and nitrogen. The ultimate purpose of this research is to enhancement pressure the potential for enhanced condensate gas recovery using carbon dioxide and nitrogen as injection gas. This study focuses on optimizing the Siba field, which means maximizing the recovery of liquid hydrocarbons and Yamama Formation's enhancement pressure to increase gas condensation efficiency through non-hydrocarbon gases (carbon dioxide and nitrogen). The simulation results from the use of experimental and laboratory data to investigate their capacity for condensate vaporization near the wellbore region in different scenarios, as a function of non-hydrocarbon gases, different injection rates, and periodic gas injection (huff 'n' puff method). The results of the simulation explained what factors are favorable for Enhanced Gas Recovery and favorable for (nitrogen) injection in the case of a stable (70 MMSCF/DAY) gas production rate for (15) years.

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Baker, H., & Yousif, M. (2022). Pressure Enhancement for Siba Field using Non-Hydrcarbon Gases. Association of Arab Universities Journal of Engineering Sciences, 29(1), 01-06.