Earthen Architecture Between Systematic and Non- Systematic System

  • Nabaa T. M. AL-Khafaji
  • Asmaa M. H. ALMoqaram
  • Zainab H. R. AL-Obaidi
Keywords: Earthen Architecture, Systematic system, Non-systematic system, Sustainable Architecture.


Earthen architecture has emerged as a system that has multiple systems embodied in its architectural and urban productions. These productions showed their relationship with sustainability and its considerations (environmental, economic, and social), but it was not clear to what extent these systems are related to sustainability, and from here the research problem emerged to be represented by (the lack of a clear perception of the systems of earthen architecture and sustainability indicators within these systems). The goal of the research is to be determined by building a theoretical framework for sustainability indicators within the main earthen architecture systems. The research hypothesis was determined by (sustainability indicators within the systems of earthen architecture were fully achieved, but indicators of economic consideration were more achieved within the non-systematic system at the expense of the systematic system). To solve the problem and achieve the goal, the research was divided into two parts: the first was concerned with identifying the systems of earthen architecture and indicating sustainability indicators within them and so that the second part was concerned with testing these indicators within samples that Associated with the main systems of the earthen architecture to verify the research hypothesis and to clarify which considerations were the most influential within the system. The research found that the main systems of earthen architecture are the systematic and non-systematic system, both of which are designed according to sustainability considerations. However, the indicators of economic consideration emerged to be achieved within the non-systematic system more than they were achieved within the systematic system of earthen architecture.

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AL-Khafaji, N., ALMoqaram, A., & AL-Obaidi, Z. (2022). Earthen Architecture Between Systematic and Non- Systematic System. Association of Arab Universities Journal of Engineering Sciences, 29(1), 16-30.