Social space in architecture "A study of the values of social space in the Iraqi piazzas".

  • tuqa mahmood hameed university of technology
  • Ibrahim Jawad kadhim Department of Architecture, University of Technology
Keywords: space, Society, Social Space Strategies, Social Space Orientations, Social space Values


A social space is a physical space where people gather and interact, and It is the product of harmony between social activities and spatial practices that exist within society such as piazzas. Accordingly, the research problem was represented in the following: There is a lack of knowledge of the social space in terms of strategies, Orientations and its Values to reach a Piazzas that supports the quality and continuity of social life, The aim of the research was to reveal the role of social space in Iraqi Piazzas, The research approach is an analysis to clarify the social space through building a knowledge framework, then a comprehensive theoretical framework from the review of the architectural literature to be embodied in its final form in three main vocabulary, namely: "Social Space Strategies, Social Space Orientations, and Social space Values". It has been applied to the three piazzas, namely:“Tahrir piazza, Twentieth Revolution piazza, and Al- Haboubi piazza”, to show the extent to which these indicators have been achieved in the Iraqi piazzas and reach conclusions, that explained the values of the social space are based on morphological values that are concerned with the external formation of the piazza, While symbolic and historical values preserve the identity of the piazza.

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hameed, tuqa, & kadhim, I. (2023). Social space in architecture "A study of the values of social space in the Iraqi piazzas". Association of Arab Universities Journal of Engineering Sciences, 30(2), 17-25.