Bending Behavior of Steel Circular Hollow Sections with Openings

  • Manahel Shahath Khalaf Engineering College-University of Diyala-Diyala-Iraq
  • Amer Mohammed Ibrahim Engineering College-University of Diyala-Diyala-Iraq


Steel circular hollow sections have been widely used in many engineering applications as a structural members. This paper presents a study about the bending behavior of circular steel tubes through a series of bending tests in order to study and examine the influence of presence of openings on the structural behavior and the bending properties of these sections. The experimental program comprised testing of four specimens with diameter, thickness and length equal to 101.6, 3 and 1500 mm respectively. The tested steel specimens having yield stress of 290 MPa and the ultimate stress of 350 MPa. The results of the experimental work showed that the presence of openings in the specimens reduced their stiffness and ductility significantly and effected on the structural collapse of these specimens. In addition, the presence of one, two or three openings in the pure bending region of the specimens didn’t effect on their yield and ultimate strength capacity.

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