Applied the Indicators of Green Buildings in Educational Hospitals in Iraq

  • nada NAZAR mohamed baghdad university
  • Rand Hazim Agha
Keywords: Green Architecture, sustainability, Sustainability parts, internal environment, quality


Achieving High Quality in the Indoor Environment of the Educational Hospital is the task of
the architect with the application of Sustainability and Green Building Standards. Where the Principles of
Green Buildings swept all Hospital buildings to achieve the High Quality of the Internal Environment
through: (Thermal Comfort, Acoustic Comfort, Natural Ventilation, Cleanliness, and Waste Disposal) for
patients and their families to enjoy high health, and for the purpose of enjoying time inside the hospital
building, and get a faster recovery, So the Research Problem grow up from : lake of knowledge about the
elements of Quality in Internal Environment in Educational Hospitals (applied the elements of green
hospitals ,As the Research aims to examine the quality of the internal environment (green hospital elements)
in Educational hospitals, The Research followed the Descriptive Approach in determining the Basic
indicators of Green buildings and for the purpose of applying the practical study included . The selection of
two Educational hospitals in Baghdad to test the extent of application of the principles of the green building
on them, and the research includes sixr axes starting with the first axis and includes the introduction, the
importance of research, the research problem, second axis reviewing previous literature, While the third
axis includes definitions: green building, sustainability, The relationship between sustainability and the
green building, green hospital, while The fourth axis includes sustainability standards and global green
buildings : BREEM, LED, PERAL BEADS and quality indicators for each, and the five axis includes the
practical study, and Al-Karama Educational Hospital and Al-Kindi Educational Hospital were elected
through the application of the theoretical framework indicators and collecting information about them, and
the six axis show results and recommendations of the research were: Achieving the Green Hospital
(Environmental Sustainability): 31.1% for Karama Educational Hospital and 45.7% for Al-Kindi
Educational Hospital. The research concluded: the need to increase efforts to achieve the elements of the
green hospital, especially those related to environmental sustainability in Educational Hospitals.

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