Design an Automation hospital food-carrying service Vehicle remotely controlled

  • Maram Ali Nasser
  • Fatima Ali Habqa
Keywords: service vehicle, MAX30100, Arduino Uno.


In this research, a miniature laboratory model of a food carrier service vehicle was designed to
serve covid-19 patients and other infectious diseases in hospitals and quarantine centers; to provide meals
to patients, in addition to the ability to measure and monitor oxygenation, pulse rate, and sending reminders
to the responsible nurse and all that remotely, this project is based on the Solid Work program, the Arduino
Uno programming chip, the internet chip Esp 8266-01, Max30100 blood oxygen and heart rate sensor and
DS3231RTC stopwatch to adjust vehicle task times in real- time and send reminders to the responsible
nurse.The designed vehicle is a set of shelves made of Plexiglas, a base with wheels, and several floor
parts.Each floor contains a sensor for the presence or absence of food dishes and an LED signal turned off
when the plate is not present, the project is based on dc-motor motors, and the slide LM298,this vehicle
enables the provision of services to three patients together and then returns to provide services to three other
patients. And moves based on software commands that it receives through the Esp 8266-01 chip The
responsible nurse gives the order to everything related to food, drink and medicine remotely via an Android
mobile device, to keep the isolation process away, as it was controlled by IOT technology, commands were
sent and received sensor values and reminders through the control interface that was designed using Remote
XY and installed on the mobile device.

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